Other Wooden Art

Cherry Moulding Box

$ 45.00 USD

This moulding has an open top & is lined with green felt on the bottom (removable).  Measures 3.25"h X 5.5"w X 10"l.

Oak Candlebox

$ 45.00 USD

This candlebox takes you back to colonial times; it has room for plenty of tapers in the top, and a drawer for matches below.  Made from quartersawn white oak, with a solid brass knob.  Measures 16"h X 4.5"d X 7.25"w.

Keepsake Box

$ 50.00 USD

This Keepsake Box is made from soft maple with cherry accents.  The inside is lined with black felt.  Measures 5"h X 5.75"w X 9"l.

Oak Keepsake with Tiled Lid

$ 50.00 USD

This box is finished inside and out; includes a brass-hinged lid.  Measures 8"w X 8"d X 4"h.   The tile could be removed and replaced with another tile or picture.

Maple & Cherry Yin-Yang Boxes

$ 40.00 each USD

Pictured are two Yin-Yang bandsaw boxes from maple & cherry.  They are approx. 4 1/2" dia. X 1 1/2 (dark body) or  2 1/2 (light body).  The listed price is for each box - please specify which you prefer (light or dark body); unless you're purchasing both.

The buyer is responsible for all shipping costs, unless picked up locally.  Please email Cory for a shipping quote.